Is there a Gloriavale Commune in Southern Tamil Nadu?

By IndiaFacts Staff – 07/05/2015 …So, this group from New Zealand brings Indian (likely Tamil) parents and children to NZ. They ‘return’ back to India (Tamil Nadu, going by the news reports) with New Zealand women from the commune.Which raises intriguing questions: what is the connection between New Zealand and Tamil Nadu? More importantly, where […]

Far away, a new Gloriavale is Born

By Jehan Casinada (Sunday Star Times) – 03/05/2015 A new Gloriavale is taking shape, far from the West Coast. Hopeful Christian and other senior Gloriavale leaders have travelled to the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, where they are building a new faith-based township in Tirunelveli. “It’s called the Christian Church Community,” says Fervent Stedfast. “They […]
Men ‘groomed’ to have underage sex in Gloriavale, ex-member says

Men ‘groomed’ to have underage sex in Gloriavale, ex-member says

By: Ashleigh Stewart – 01/05/2015 Gloriavale’s men are “groomed” to have sex with underage girls and should not shoulder the blame, the granddaughter of the commune’s leader says. Another former member has revealed that girls who put on weight were verbally abused and forced to fast. Read more here: