Leaving Gloriavale – Sunday

Leaving Gloriavale – Sunday

TVOne- Sunday – Leaving Gloriavale

Leaving Gloriavale means leaving your home, your family, maybe everything you’ve ever known. Then heading, with little or no money, into a world you’ve been told is damned. But sometimes you have no choice, because you’ve started questioning the leaders.

The tight-knit, secretive Christian community has, for decades, fascinated and disturbed us. Allegations of physical, mental and emotional abuse have swirled around the church and its leaders while those who try to blow the whistle say they’re shunned and broken. Gloriavale recently released an extraordinary and unexpected statement outlining their response to some of these allegations, hoping to put it behind them. This week, in a special report from John Campbell, brave survivors of Gloriavale abuse break their silence.

Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGE3hb2AsHU

Click here to read the accompanying story: https://www.gloriavaleleavers.org.nz/articles/1news-divine-consent/