Former Gloriavale resident details expulsion from commune

Former Gloriavale resident details expulsion from commune

By Ryan Boswell | 1 News |

A former Gloriavale resident has detailed his expulsion from the West Coast commune, after he challenged the leadership and their reading of the Bible.

John Ready was born into the community in 1978, but said he was forced out by the overseeing shepherd just prior to Christmas 2017.

“This was a society with one dominant male ruling, he is the all-powerful emperor that every member obeys and works for.

“Essentially, I challenged the biblical base of his and his shepherds’ self-appointed authority.”

At the Employment Court, Ready pointed to Gloriavale’s foundational document What We Believe, which members sign and are required to follow.

One part reads that “he must declare that he will submit to, be guided by, and obey the leaders of the Church in all matters concerning his faith and his involvement in the practical life and work of this Community. This is so for both men and woman”.

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