Gloriavale advocate asks if witness being ‘bullied’

Gloriavale advocate asks if witness being ‘bullied’
By Ryan Boswell | 1News Reporter |

A question has been asked as to whether a Gloriavale member was being bullied while giving evidence at the Employment Court.

David Stedfast was being cross-examined by the lawyer for Gloriavale leavers Brian Henry about whether women at the West Coast commune have a choice of work.

Henry suggested girls are raised to think they have no other option but to cook, clean and raise children.

Stedfast said women work across many different fields “in line with our faith as a lady”.

After repeated questioning from Henry, senior Gloriavale member Samuel Valor, who is representing the commune, stood up to raise a point.

“Just wondering what’s the stage it gets to where you’re bullying a witness?” asked Valor.

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