Gloriavale Article – A Life in Common (2014)

Article from Gloriavale published in 2014 – The Experience of the Gloriavale Christian Community

Titles within the article include:

Living the Christian Life – A Practical Guide for Success, Personal Salvation, Early Questions and Answers, Foundational Scriptures, Early Days in New Zealand, Establishing the Faith, Starting Over Again, Pioneering on the West Coast, Community Organisation, Leadership and Business, Spiritual Life, Breaking with Traditions, Baptism and Other Commitments, Marriage, Family Life, The Community Experience, Homebirths, A Word on Birth Control, Early Childhood, School, Social Life, Concerts, Life of the Dairy Farm, Deer Farming, Air West Coast, Meat Meal, Oil Exploration, Trades and Skills, The Sisters’ Realm, Outreach, Love is a Sacrifice

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