Gloriavale could be ‘destroyed’ by employment laws – senior woman

Gloriavale could be ‘destroyed’ by employment laws – senior woman

By Ryan Boswell | 1News Reporter |

Introducing employment laws to Gloriavale could “destroy” the West Coast commune, according to a senior woman.

Temperance Hopeful is giving evidence at the Employment Court, which is deciding whether six former members were employees or volunteers.

Virginia Courage, Pearl Valor, Serenity Pilgrim, Rose Standtrue, Anna Courage and Crystal Loyal claim they were made to work long hours in ‘slave-like’ conditions.

Hopeful said the case was an attack on the commune’s faith, and “what is being called slave labour is simply a labour of love to those who love to serve Christ by serving one another”.

Under cross-examination by Gloriavale leaver’s lawyer, Brian Henry, Hopeful said their faith doesn’t depend on whether they’re paid a wage or not.

While men are paid for their work, like farming, the money is transferred back to the community. Hopeful said the women’s case was different because they are simply doing household chores.

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