Gloriavale: mother v daughter

Gloriavale: mother v daughter

By Laura Mills | Greymouth Star |

A mother had police come to help her daughter leave Gloriavale, the Employment Court in Greymouth heard today.

Six former Gloriavale women claim they lived in slave-like conditions on a gruelling rotation of domestic duties and are seeking a ruling that they were actually employees, rather than volunteers.

Leaver Rose Standtrue told the court last August that “constant physical and mental pressure to conform” made her life unbearable.

She was in court in Greymouth today as her mother, Hannah Standtrue, took the stand to testify for Gloriavale.

The mother of 12, now aged 45, was born in the Gloriavale community when it was in Rangiora.

“It was me who arranged for her to go,” she said of her daughter’s departure form Gloriavale

“She’s my daughter and I love her.”

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