Rural News – Rendered unworthy!

Rural News – Rendered unworthy!

By Daniel Anderson – Rural News – 08/06/2022

Hot on the heels of moves by Westland Milk to stop processing its milk, reclusive Christian community Gloriavale looks to be shedding more agribusiness suppliers and customers.

Rural News earlier reported that the Hokitika-based processor is considering suspendiing milk collection from Canaan Farming Dairy Ltd, which operated the Gloriavale dairy farms. Gloriavale’s farm supply around 900,000 kgMS a season to Westland Milk. Based on next season’s average opening forecast of $9/kgMS, this would mean a $9 million loss of income annually for the community.

This follows an Employment Court ruling that members of the West Coast-based community working long hours from the age of six were employees. The ruling referred to “strenuous, difficult and sometimes dangerous” work done by children.

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