First Freedom Day!

Happy First Freedom Day!!! Meet the Disciple family. Dad, Faithful, wrote this on his FB wall, “One year ago my wife and I made the difficult and desperate decision to take our family out of Gloriavale for a 3-day break. Our lives will never be the same again.”

Faithful was also bravely involved in the Employment Court hearing over the past two weeks. It’s not easy to go against the conditioning of your past and stand up and speak truth in a court. He was insightful and had so much integrity.

He wrote the short overview below to help himself process his past, and to help others on their healing journey. He wants others to understand the kind of regime they lived under and to help you understand why people don’t “just leave”. He wants you to know it’s simply not true to say these people had freedom to choose to stay or go. No they didn’t. They had threats held over them which bound them to the collective. That’s hard to break free from. Especially when you were born there.

Here is Faithful’s account: