RNZ – Gloriavale’s secrets and the fight for justice

RNZ – Gloriavale’s secrets and the fight for justice

By RNZ – Nine To Noon – 16/08/2022

A new documentary gives an eye-opening look into the secrets of the Gloriavale Christian Community and the fight for justice by a group of former residents and supporters.

The film simply entitled Gloriavale features members of the Ready family as they mount a ground-breaking legal case against the sect’s powerful leaders.

Gloriavale has long been associated with allegations of sexual and physical abuse, human rights violations, corruption and fraud.

The documentary lifts the lid on those allegations and reveals the true extent of the absolute control exercised by the 12 male ‘Shepherds’ at the top.

Kathryn speaks to co-producer and co-director Noel Smyth along with Virginia Courage who left the community with her children over alleged sexual abuse.

Listen here: https://www.rnz.co.nz/national/programmes/ninetonoon/audio/2018853718/gloriavale-s-secrets-and-the-fight-for-justice