Howard Temple rejects that leaders imposing faith in God through ignorance: RNZ

Howard Temple rejects that leaders imposing faith in God through ignorance: RNZ
By Jean Edwards | RNZ Reporter |

Gloriavale’s Overseeing Shepherd has rejected assertions the leaders impose their faith in God on the Christian community’s children through isolation and ignorance.

Howard Temple has been cross-examined at length about Gloriavale’s doctrine of separation at the Employment Court, which heard girls and boys effectively live behind a remote “mountain wall” and are shielded from simple fun like a game of rugby.

Six former Gloriavale women claim they worked long hours doing domestic duties under an all-pervading regime of control and are seeking a ruling they were community employees, rather than volunteers.

The women’s barrister Brian Henry questioned Temple about the doctrine detailed in the community’s foundational document, What We Believe.

Temple told the court Gloriavale’s structure was designed to keep young people in the community and agreed “to a degree” that its teachings limited their ability to be part of the outside world.

He rejected Henry’s assertion the leaders were imposing faith in God through ignorance.

“Not through ignorance no. I want to impose it on them, but not through ignorance,” Temple said.

“But they’re totally ignorant of the world and worldliness aren’t they?” Henry asked. “No they’re not,” Temple replied.

“You keep them shielded from a simple thing like a game of rugby, don’t you?” Henry asked. “Competitive sport with the outside people, yes,” Temple said.

“And you keep them separated because you know that is a contagion because they just might enjoy the life?”

“They just might do that, yes,” Temple said.

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