Employment Court Form – Females

Pilgrim v Attorney-General 2023 (EMPC105/2022)

If you are a female who worked at Springbank/Gloriavale and believe you may be entitled for compensation, please read the information below.

The Employment Court ruled on 13th July 2023 that six female ex-members of Gloriavale were deemed to be employees while they worked full-time at Gloriavale on the teams (cooking, cleaning, prep & other domestic duties they were rostered on to do).

Gloriavale have requested permission to appeal the whole ruling and this decision has not yet been made.

In Part Two of her ruling, the Judge identified the employer was Howard Temple.

INVITATION: If you worked at Springbank/Gloriavale and are interested in knowing how these rulings might assist you to get some compensation, fill in the form on this page and your details will be passed through to Brian Henry’s legal team. They will be in touch.

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