Virginia Courage – Trapped Poem

Virginia Courage – Trapped Poem

Virginia wrote this poem about the terrible abuse inside Gloriavale, and the complete lack of care shown to victims.

Broken, bruised and bleeding, I’m hiding in my corner, crying, weeping.
Fear, terror, and pain, wondering if God see me, or remembers my name.
I want to speak; I want to shout! I want to say so much – but nothing comes out.
I’m frozen, still, I’m counting the cost. If I stand up to you – will all I love be lost.

You’ve had me quiet; you’ve had me trapped. But I’ve opened my eyes, now I can’t step back.
Hope is just the smallest, faintest, spark. But that mighty arrow of freedom has hit its mark.
It’s like I’ve been in a dream. Now I’m awake, I want to scream.
I’ve been your captive; I’ve been your slave. I’ve danced and moved to every tune, you’ve ever played.

It may be dark, just on the dawn. But I’m on my feet now, standing, strong.
I’m willing to be at the front of this fight, and I will be giving it all my might.
The path’s not easy, the cost is high. But I made a choice and its live free or die.
I’ve drawn my sword, I’ll take you on, I’m up for this battle, Come on, come on.

Free – just for me, that’s not my task. I’m not stopping until all you have held fast,
Have life, liberty, are allowed to think, choices to make, time to blink.
Your mask has fallen. Your day is done. I raised my voice against you.
You know it. I know it. I have already WON!!!