Give-a-Gift 14: Family First Aid Kit


With lots of kids, there are always plenty of bumps and scrapes. Help wipe away the children’s tears with this First Aid Kit designed specifically with young families in mind containing all the essentials to treat common childhood first aid emergencies with enough space to add your own items.

Includes a box of 20 designer ambulance plasters plus a First Aid Tops Guide Book

Package contains: 1 x Aeroplast Fabric Dressing Strip Roll, 5 x Aero Burn Gel Sachet, 1 x Amtech Triangular Bandage with Safety Pins, 1 x Platinum Wound Dressing, 1 x Amtech Splinter Forceps Tweezers, 8 x Antiseptic Towelette Sachets, 5 x Amtech Non Woven Gauze Swabs, 1 x St John Empty Ambulance First Aid Bag, 1 x Platinum Instant Ice Pack Disposable 19 x 12cm, 2 x Nitrile Blue Large Gloves Rolled Pair, 10 x Aero Saline Solution 15ml Ampoule, 2 x Bastos Elastic Crepe Bandage, 5 x Amtech Non Adherent Dressing, 1 x Amtech Scissors Sharp Blunt Non-Sterile, 1 x St John First Aid Tips Guide Booklet, 2 x Amtech Absorbent Combine Dressing, 1 x Amtech Transparent Tape, 1 x St John Printed Ambulance Plastic Plasters Box 20, 1 x St John Ambulance Fridge Magnet, ,2 x Amtech Sterile Eye Pad, 1 x Amtech Safety Pins (Pack 10), 2 x Platinum Wound Dressing Medium.

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