Former Gloriavale members discovering joy of Christmas

Former Gloriavale members discovering joy of Christmas

By Ryan Boswell | 1 News|

Former members of the reclusive Gloriavale community are enjoying the chance to discover the joy of Christmas.

The festive season isn’t observed at the West Coast commune as it’s considered a pagan holiday.

“Traditionally, some of the more closed communities have had a view on Christmas that it was more from the pagan side of things and it wasn’t a legitimate Christian festival,” Gloriavale Leavers’ Support Trust manager Liz Gregory explained.

For some former children of Gloriavale, it’ll be their first time embracing the holiday spirit, visiting homes full of Christmas cheer.

Meanwhile, the adults are keeping busy wrapping gifts which have been donated by members of the public.

“This is an opportunity for laundry loot and bathroom bounty – things that families need when they come out of Gloriavale. They need them the next day,” Gregory said.

Watch the heartwarming Christmas scenes in the video report above.