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Impacts on Early Members

Author: Liz Gregory I want to spend this post reflecting on some more recent experiences with a family who was involved in the very early days. It’s their stories of separation, pain & abuse that have touched my heart. I hurts to see how decades later people are still weeping over things they experienced and […]

Early Memories and the Great Dream

Author: Liz Gregory In my nine years involved with Gloriavale Leavers I have had the privilege of meeting and connecting with hundreds of people who are connected to this 50-year story of Gloriavale. For some, they were involved in the early ministry circles and watched from the side-lines as Neville Cooper arrived in NZ with […]

Thoughts on new Modern Day Slavery Legislation

Did you know that the consultation for new Modern Day Slavery Laws is in progress? You can have your say here. I have been thinking through some of the issues that I would like to include in my submission, relating to worker exploitation and forced labour in the context of the Gloriavale Community. I want […]

Royal Commission names Gloriavale as a group to investigate

After working with the Royal Commission for more than two years the Gloriavale Leavers’ Support Trust is pleased that Gloriavale has been named as a faith-based group who will be specifically investigated.  We want to thank the Commission for their willingness to engage with a hard-to-reach people group. We are pleased to have been able […]

Charities Services delays decision on re-investigation

    On the 8th of March, following on from the Gloriavale Employment Court hearing, the Gloriavale Leavers’ Support Trust again renewed calls for the Christian Church Community Trust at Gloriavale to be investigated.  Read more here. On 6th April 2022 we received a letter stating that the Charities Services had carefully considered our request, […]

Gloriavale’s Charitable Status

Following the Employment Court Hearing Feb/March 2022, the GLST has again called for the Charities Services to reinvestigate Gloriavale’s Charitable Status. In a letter to them in March 2022, we drew their attention to the recent hearing and the concerns around lack of employment protections inside Gloriavale, the ongoing oppressive nature of the organisation and […]

Religious Duress

An anonymous reflection from a Gloriavale Leaver (male), following the Employment Court case:

First Freedom Day!

Happy First Freedom Day!!! Meet the Disciple family. Dad, Faithful, wrote this on his FB wall, “One year ago my wife and I made the difficult and desperate decision to take our family out of Gloriavale for a 3-day break. Our lives will never be the same again.” Faithful was also bravely involved in the […]

Ezra Hope’s Reflections

Leavers have been reflecting on their own experiences of living and working in Gloriavale, since the Employment Court Case is a hot topic at present. Here are Ezra Hope’s reflections:

A Reflection on International Women’s Day

It’s timely to reflect on those women we know who are in Gloriavale and who are not able to have a voice. We think about those women who have not been able to truly and freely choose who they marry, what school their children attend, what job they do, and where they live. Gloriavale hides […]

Website Launch

Today we finally launched our new website, just in time to allow people to start signing up to go to our Upcoming Events! There’s still plenty of content to add, but we’ll keep chipping away at it over the next few months.